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    How to Clear/Delete Cache on a Mac for Free

    Here in this article, we’ll be discussing How to Delete or clear caches on MacBook.
    Before describing the process we need to know about what the cache is? and its effect on the computer. A cache is a volatile memory, a place where it stores all the images, files, code, etc. Cache memory is also called CPU memory because it is integrated directly into the CPU and more complex one that performs highly.

    It avoids re-downloading things from the website or browser you visit frequently. Your computer would have to take a long time to load things if, they would not be included in the system. Mainly it helps pc, laptops retrieve date quickly, it is 10-100 times faster than RAM and requires only a few nanoseconds to respond to a request. Every web browser, app has its own cache memory, whenever we search for anything we searched that before it quickly provides you the information you need. Basically, cache improves the performance of a system, by storing images, folders, files, search history, etc. In spite of these advantages, it has disadvantages too.
    If your computer’s cache memory gets large then it can hamper your PC or laptop’s performance. Sometimes deleting files from the cache might cause it to misbehave or slow downloading. On the other hand cache stores, some files that help your system run faster. If your website or browser is taking a long to load anything you want at that moment then you should clear your cache memory and it will run faster than before.
    Here are methods to remove cache on MacBook

    1. At first Click on GO button then on “Go to folder” button,
    2. After that put the location ~/Library/Caches and press Enter
    3. Then Command+ A button together to select all the caches or choose what to delete
    4. Then Press Command+ Delete button together to delete all the Caches…

      Here is my related video,I hope this will help you, and your MacBook will work faster than before.

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