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    How to Boot in Safe Mode in Windows 11

    You can have an idea by reading the word “Safe Mode“. Basically, it signifies something you want to keep safe from being corrupted, ruined, or affected. In the same way, our computer’s inner system also needs protection to work properly. Due to software or malware issues may your PC not run smoothly sometimes, it could be an OS issue or a driver issue, or something else. Inappropriate apps might interrupt the functions for that operating system denies working properly. This problem can occur anytime without any prior indication. Whatever the reason can be but booting into safe mode minimize the problems. It allows your system to remove buggy issues, diagnose hardware problems and etc.

    There are 3 safe modes you can choose accordingly…

    It allows apps from Microsoft stores only and ensures your system’s performance and security for safe browsing.

    1. Safe mode- During safe mode users won’t be able to install apps from other stores,only few drivers and files can be used.
    2. Safe mode with Networking– It connects the network drivers and services you want to access,the internet and systems on your network.You can boot this mode when you need access to internet.
    3. Safe mode with Command Prompt – In this mode you have to type Commands to sent request to your system. It’s not dependent on a visual interface.
      *Note- Applications can not be installed or uninstalled in safe mode and safe mode with Command Prompt.
      Wireless (Wi-Fi) Internet connection is not supported in Safe Mode with Networking.
      Here are following methods you can try it out…
      For enabling these mode 1.First open start menu,Click on power button,hold down the Shift- Key and Click on restart then Click on advanced options under troubleshoot and Click on “Startup settings”. Now to enable safe mode Click on restart. After restart press “4” to enable safe mode.
    4. All process mentioned above will be same but at last press “5” to enable Safe Mode with Networking.
    5. And to Enable Safe mode with Command Prompt need to press “6” with previous method.
      Thank you for reading this Article, It’ll encourage me to gather more knowledge and share with you . You can also watch my video on this article.

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