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    How to Fix Microsoft Store Apps Pending or Download Update Stuck in Windows 11

    Fix Microsoft Store Apps Pending or Download Update Stuck

    Microsoft has already declared that more than 1000 apps are ready to install on Windows 11 PCs and Laptops… Though many users have reported installing or downloading stuck problems while trying to get these apps. This annoying moment happens mainly when you are in a hurry.

    There are many reasons responsible for this type tore Apps Pending or Download Update Stuck problem. First of all few basic things you need to check to identify the root cause then you can fix that accordingly. Like…

    1. Is your network-connected correctly or with a proper connection, if not then fix this.

    2. Since Microsoft has launched Windows 11 with the capability to run Android apps, in order to do so make sure that you have enough storage capacity in your system to download these apps, otherwise you will face pending or downloading issues.

    3. Microsoft store also stores cache files on your system to provide a quick experience to its users, and it may create such issues. that’s why Clear your cache memory to improve stuck-in problems.

    4. You probably face pending or stuck issues right after updating your system. make sure you have  Updated your system to its latest version of OS in your windows 11 computers and laptops.

    5. Some time sing out and signing in back to the  Microsoft Store can solve this type of situation.

    If all the above-discussed things you have checked and fixed but have the same issues then here is an effective solution to cure all kinds of Microsoft app install or download Problems.

    1. First open the Start Menu and click on Settings

    Then on the right side of the System, you will see “Troubleshoot

    Click on “Other Troubleshooters”¬†under¬†“Troubleshoot”.

    Here you’ll notice the “Windows Store Apps” option now Click on Run.. then it will detect the cause and will fix that Automatically.

    2. Another way to fix this problem is –

    Just go to the Start menu or Search Menu and Type Powershell

    Right Click on Windows Powershell and Click on “Run as Administrator“. and on Yes.

    Next copy the command – Get-AppxPackage*Microsoft.WindowsStore* l Reset-AppxPackage paste it over there and hit Enter button. Now you will notice the difference after applying the method.

    Here I have shared my video tutorial to fix such issues on your Windows 11 PCs and Laptops. 

    Hope all the remedies will work and will make you tension free…


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