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    How to fix Windows 11 slow startup(3 methods)

    How to fix Windows 11 slow startup(3 methods) we all were eagerly waiting for Microsoft’s smartest invention of windows 11…

    Finally, we get in touch. but somehow getting frustrated by its slow booting issue. There are many reasons behind it…

    1. May your pc do not have sufficient RAM.
    2. Or you have installed apps from untrusted party and your pc got effected by viruses.
    3. Else your in-built software,drive got outdated etc..

    Here are 3 methods that I am glad to share with you guys…

    1. At first Right click on Start Menu,click on Task Manager then go to

    Click on Startup Application and Select Un-Essential application and click on Disable.

    2. Here is another method you can try…
    Just open Start Menu, type Control Panel and Enter

    After opening Control Panel Make sure that the view is selected as a Catagory then

    Click on System and Security.

    Click on Power Options under System and Security.

    Then on your left side, you will see “Choose what the power button do“so Click on it.

    After that select ‘Change settings that are currently unavailable‘ and Click “Turn on Fast Startup” and on save changes.

    The 3rd and last method:

    Do open your Search Menu or Start Menu, Type MSCONFIG.MSC & hit Enter

    Select Hide all the Microsoft Services under Services then click on Disable all, Apply and OK.

    After this Reboot your pc.

    Here is my video, I hope you will work- out of your slow boot problem. Thank you….


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